Dog Park Rules & Regulations

  • Dog Park hours of operation: 
    10:00 am - 8:00 pm - Weekdays - Monday - Friday.
    10:00 am - 6:00 pm - Weekends - Saturday & Sunday.

  • Watch your dog and keep them within your command at all times, keeping your dog’s leash with you.

  • Dogs must be current on rabies, bordetella, and DHLPPC vaccinations for entry.  We recommend dogs be at least six months old for park entry.

  • Dogs must be on leash when entering the park. When in the off-leash areas, they must be off-leash except in the case leashing is required to command and control your dog(s) to the exit. Leashes must be with you AT ALL TIMES.

  • Absolutely no fishing in the pond!  Dogs can become entangled in the fishing line and drown.

  • For the safety of you and your dog; dogs at all times must wear a breakaway collar.  No slip, prong, or choke collars will be permitted within the park.

  • For safety and health of everyone, Each owner is responsible to clean up and dispose of all their dog’s waste.

  • Pond: Pond access is for dog enjoyment only. Adults who cannot swim and Children under 16 are not allowed within 4 feet of the pond. NO children are ever allowed to go near the pond or woods. Adults are not allowed in the water except for an emergency rescue of pet or person. No item should ever be thrown over the fence that is in the water!

  • For the safety and enjoyment of all, there can be no rough play tolerated in the park. Any play that offends or intimidates another.

  • Member Visitors. Members can bring visitors to the park; however, all guests will go through the Companion Club Dog Park check-in procedure, including requiring completed application, proof of rabies and proper temperament. There will be an additional cost of $20.00 per guest dog.

  • Digging in the Park: Digging is Not Allowed anywhere in the park. For the safety of all, if your dog digs, you must repair area and notify Companion Club Dog Park staff.

  • Children: Children under 4 feet tall are not allowed in the “Off Leash Area”. Children under age 18 must always be within direct adult supervision while on park property and are to never be further than 10 feet from adult. Children must follow all rules and not be allowed to destroy any property, including pulling on, standing on, leaning on any fence, park equipment, dog training equipment or any other assets of the Companion Club Dog Park.  Children are not permitted on any dog training equipment and are not allowed to run, scream, chase, play sports or pet another person’s dog.

  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered.  No exceptions.

  • Food. Nothing edible for dogs or people allowed in the off-leash areas of the park. Human drinks are permitted. (Small training treat bags are permitted for continuous training of your dog)

  • If any aggressive behavior (i.e. growling, posturing, nipping, etc) is shown by your dog, you must immediately stop the behavior, which may include leaving the park, moving your dog to another area , giving your dog a time-out or whatever will effectively prevent this aggressive behavior from recurring.

  • No Excessive Barking. While we understand that dogs do bark while they are playing please be courteous of our neighbors and not allow the dogs to bark consistently and obnoxiously.

  • Dog fights. To avoid a dog fight, I agree that I can control and command my dog while in the park and I will keep watch on my dog(s) and be within command distance the entire time while in the park to insure it is not exhibiting aggressive or antagonistic behavior. I further agree I will do everything possible to remove my dog from situations uncomfortable to me, my dog, other dogs or their owners. In the case of a dog fight, we have seen blow horns and water guns (limited access over the large property of the park), as well as other non-intrusive diversions break up fighting dogs. We discourage grabbing a fighting dog by an area near the biting end of the dog as you could pose yourself the risk of getting bit, which is why staying near and being attentive to your dog(s) is so important.

  • I agree that I will not bring my dog(s) to park if they are in sick with any condition or with any external condition, such as parasites fleas, mange). Due to outside nature of park, we strongly recommend prescribed flea and tick treatments at all times.

  • The park may close when the lake is partially frozen do to danger of dogs falling through the ice.  Call 740-881-2000 to inquire. 


Violators of rules are subject to removal from the dog park, suspension and/or termination.  If your membership is terminated due to infractions of the park rules, your membership fees will not be refunded.

Run...Swim...Play!  What else could a dog want?


Remember, all park visitors and members must provide proof of vaccinations before the dogs can enter the park. 

There will be a $25.00 per day charge for any non member visiting the park with a dog.

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"You will never find anyone as happy to see you as a dog!" 


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