Our Vision

It is our vision to have a nature park which is maintained in a safe and healthy environment where your dog can feel free to run, roll over, swim and socialize with their canine friends.

We feel it is an important part of being a pet guardian to provide exercise, group socials and individual play time for your pet. As animal enthusiasts we hope everyone can enjoy this beautiful park. We also hope to provide new homes for many shelter animals through charity fundraisers and educational dog awareness groups.

Our History

Companion Club Dog Park is unique in many ways, from its beautiful pine trees to its “Golden Pond” located on eleven spacious acres. Companion Club Dog Park could not have been successful without the help and guidance of some valuable people. We would like to credit our investor for believing in our dreams and abilities, my sister Betty for always being there and knowing that I would achieve my goals, and support from our family and friends for never giving up “HOPE” and most of all we would like to thank God for making it all happen. We also give a special thanks to our original webmaster Debbie Sullivan from Houston Texas for designing this beautiful website. We would also like to thank our current webmaster Deb Damiano from Cleveland, Ohio for helping us maintain this beautiful site. Companion Club Dog Park has been a labor of love, which took many failed attempts in finding the perfect property.

Mark and Judy Wise’s love for animals has occupied a large part of their life for the past ten years. This includes being involved and sponsoring many rescue groups, educating the public on the importance of spay and neutering of their pets. Judy has also done countless hours of volunteer work with many rescue organizations. They are current guardians of three companions, Maggie (a yellow lab), Gracie (a bully breed mix), a rescue from Capital Area Humane Society (www.cahs-pets.org), and Beenie (a Boston Terrier) from Citizens For Humane Action (www.chaanimalshelter.org) and two rescue cats Buttons and Spooky. Mark is currently a Real Estate Broker involved in commercial and residential real estate development and also holds a Journalism degree from Ohio State University.

Thanks you for all of your support!!!
Mark & Judy Wise
Companion Club Dog Park

Run...Swim...Play!  What else could a dog want?


Remember, all park visitors and members must provide proof of vaccinations before the dogs can enter the park. 

There will be a $25.00 per day charge for any non-member visiting the park with a dog.

REGISTER NOW!  If you would like to secure a spot in our dog park, CLICK HERE to join now!


"You will never find anyone as happy to see you as a dog!" 


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